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The 2018 PEGASUS Student Conference

The 2018 edition of the Conference was held in Madrid (Spain) on April 18-20, 2018. It was hosted by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

The following papers have been presented during the conference (click on the desired row to view the paper):

Paper title
Dorian Laversanne & Adrien Bouveret
Ecole-air Salon de Provence
Force and moment measurements on articulating nosecone missile at Mach 2
Juan Pablo Marquez Costa
Prediction of structure-properties relationships and durability of fiber-reinforced polymer composites exposed to fire
Meriem Bouakkaz
Characterization and modelling of mechanical behavior of a FKM sleeve for aircraft application
Baptiste Klein
Constraining Dark Matter distribution in galaxy clusters with MUSE
Paolo Panicucci
Perturbed Lambert’s Problem Solver based on Differential Algebra Optimization
Adrian Rubio Cubas
Analysis of Powerplant-Airframe Interactions and Study of the Aircraft Energy Needs
Jan-Philipp Hofmann
RWTH Aachen
Development of an Efficient Approach to Simulate Active Flow Control Methods for Interference Drag Reduction of a Strut-Braced Wing Configuration
Andrea Bernasconi & Alberto Favier
Politecnico di Milano
Flexible mode controllers and randomized performance tests for gust load alleviation of a transport A/C
Anthea Comellini
Politecnico di Milano
The semi-controlled reentry: development of a simulator and feasibility study
Giacomo Gerosa
Politecnico di Milano
A Rotorcraft Conceptual Design Tool for Handling Qualities Evaluation
Nicoletta Bloise
Politecnico di Torino
Obstacle Avoidance, Guidance and Control for Rendezvous Maneuvers based on Artificial Potential Field
Gianluca Lombardo
Politecnico di Torino
Preliminary study and modeling of a fly-by-wire rudder control system for STOL applications on the ATR 42-600
Dario Riccobono
Politecnico di Torino
Mechanical and Control System Development for a Full-scale Planar Motion Spacecraft Simulator
Alessandro Davario & Vincenzo Di Lella
Università di Bologna
Experimental Study of a Flow into an Engine Cylinder Using PIV
Anton Bahu
Università di Bologna
Automatic mass balancing and inertia identification for a dynamic cubesat attitude simulator
Mario Rapillo & Luca Pinto
Università di Napoli
Plasma Actuators for flow control: suppression of the Von Karman Vortex shedding past a D-Shaped body
Paolo Russo
Università di Napoli
Analysis of a crashworthy sled test for light certified Aircrafts
Mirko Zaccara
Università di Napoli
Infrared Thermography Data Reduction Technique for Heat Transfer Measurements in the Boeing/AFOSR Mach-6 Quiet Tunnel
Paolo Cappuccio & Gael Gascioli
Università di Roma
ESA’s JUICE End-to-End Orbit Determination Simulation to Calibrate On-Board Accelerometer
Agenese Caprara
Università di Roma
Extension of FDD technique for an automated tracking of modes, using environmental and flight data
Frederica Zaccardi
Università di Roma
Multiscale analysis of multifunctional nanocomposites for aerospace applications
Richard Dunlop
University of Glasgow
Inverse Simulation as a Tool For Studying Helicopter Handling Qualities
Jorge Moledo Lamela
Analytical fibre bundle model to investigate the roles of fracture mechanics and dynamic stresses during the longitudinal tensile failure in fibre-reinforced composites
Jorge Garcia-Rivas Carmona
Multiple Logistic Regression and Neural Networks as predictive tools for High Pressure Combustion Regimes
Patxi Apoita Sanz
Experimental Evaluation of the Accuracy of an Enhanced Background Oriented Schlieren Technique
Álvaro Díaz Campillejo & Amador Gómez Hidalgo
ETSI Sevilla
Simulation of electromechanical actuators with ballscrew and modelling of faults
Germán Jimena de la Resurrección & María de los Dolores López Fernández
ETSI Sevilla
Development of an Integrated Anti-collision System
Jose Manuel Montilla García & Tomás Sánchez Sánchez
ETSI Sevilla
Big Data in aeronautics: Application to the predictive maintenance of the landing gear
Andres Cremades Botella
ETSID Valencia
Stability and design criteria for UAV configurations
Davinia González Morello
ETSID Valencia
Simulation tool for an air traffic control system
Sinforiano Cantos Trigo
ETSID Valencia
Numerical and experimental study of flutter in an airfoil
Tomáš Morong
CTU Prague
Testing of the Interference Immunity of the GNSS Receiver for UAVs and Drones
Magdalena Gronowska
Politechnika Warszawska
Wing Structural Analysis in Experimental Pulsejet Powered UAV