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Industry Alliance

The main objective of the PEGASUS-Industry Alliance is to contribute to the reinforcement of the European academic and industrial relations for mutual benefits. This includes, on the industrial side, a direct contact with aeronautical universities, which can enhance the cooperation in curriculum development and in research.

One most important benefit is the contribution that can be expected in the process leading to a European Excellence and Quality Label for the Aerospace Engineering Curricula issued by PEGASUS. At this stage, a close cooperation with selected industrial partners is the key to a successful development of this process.

The industrial members of the PEGASUS-Industry Alliance have a similar status as the PEGASUS Associate Partners, namely:

  • they get a current invitation to the Councils, which they may attend without voting right
  • they can participate in the PEGASUS-AIAA Students Conference and to all other events organized by PEGASUS

Additionally, the industrial party will be involved in the peering processes leading to the delivery of the PEGASUS excellence labels.

The industrial members of the PEGASUS-Industry Alliance are currently:

  • Airbus

Specific activities linked to PEGASUS, and relevant information, is provided for each industrial member in the dedicated page.