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Admission Procedure

– The candidate should write a letter to the PEGASUS Chair asking for admission and detailing its motivations as well as the benefit of his candidacy for the PEGASUS network as a whole.
– The candidate should provide all the data relative to its higher education in aerospace engineering, in the form of the tables of the PEGASUS questionnaire .
– An evaluation of the candidate application will be conducted by at least two PEGASUS Partners, including at least one from a different country of the candidate. This evaluation should assess the compliance of the candidacy with the above criteria. The evaluation will be in the form of a concise written report, that will be distributed to all Council partners prior to the next meeting, and that will remain in the PEGASUS archives.
– Presentation of the partner’s recommendations to the next Council meeting, leading to admission, rejection or request for further details.
– In case of admission, the new member will be granted the status of “Probationary Partner” for 2 years, during which it should show its active involvement in the PEGASUS network activities including working groups. If this involvement is positive, then the status of “full Partner” will be granted at the end of the 2 years.
– In case of admission, the new partner will be asked to sign a Probationary Partnership agreement.
– In case of rejection, the candidate could not apply again for 2 years.