Working Groups

WG – Best Practices in Education

Chairperson: TU Delft (Kamp)

KTH Stockholm (Ivchenko)
ENAC Toulouse (Chouffot)
UPV Valencia (Garcia-Cuevas)
ISAE-SUPAERO Toulouse (Zenou)
Univ. of Rome (Nardinocchi)
TU Dresden (Wolf)
TU Warsaw (Mieloszyk)
Ecole de l’Air (Bovet)
TU Stuttgart (Annighoefer)
Univ. of Glasgow (Vezza)
Airbus (Diez)

– monitoring the PEGASUS educational offer in aerospace engineering
– suggest descriptors for curricula
– develop labels, certificate and award
– define standards
– overlook teaching methods

WG – Women in Aerospace Engineering

Chairperson: Univ. of Sevilla (Martin)

UPM Madrid (Alonso)
ENSMA Poitiers (Cotillon)

– elaborate recommendations and collaborate with international and European institutions for making easier the career of women in engineering
– work to achieve equal opportunities, specially technologist and research women in the public and private field
– work on attractiveness and visibility

WG – Quality Assurance for European Aerospace Engineering Education

Chairperson: CTU Prague (Hanus)

ENSMA Poitiers (Sotton)
Univ. of Napoli (Marulo)
ENAC Toulouse (Revel)
TU Braunschweig (Horst)
Politecnico di Torino (Guglieri)

– develop a roadmap for quality assurance in aerospace education

WG – Academic Aerospace Research, including PhD

Chairperson: RWTH Aachen (Stumpf)

Politecnico di Milano (Bernelli)
Univ. of Pisa (Marcuccio)
CTU Prague (Rohac)
Univ. of Cranfield (Garry)
TU Delft (Melkert)
TU Berlin (Bardenhagen)
IST Lisbon (Campos)
Univ. of Bristol (Allen)
Thales Alenia Space (Belis)

– understand the different tradition in PhD courses in the different countries and academic institutions
– facilitate periods of research and studies outside the native academic institution
– elaborate role of Universities in research, radically new ideas, long term research, networking and visibility, links between education and research