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Research Policy

“When it comes to the technological application of scientific discoveries, aerospace is by far the leading industry. Even today scientific research is a crucial key for enabling the sector to reach the goals it put forward in the ambitious ACARE Flight Path 2050.
Currently, however, the European funding opportunities focus disproportionately on higher TRL level research and ready-to-market technology. We as European aerospace universities – joined in PEGASUS –believe that a larger portion of the funding in SESAR and CLEANSKY should be available for research on TRL levels 1 to 4 conducted at universities by MSc and PhD students as well as research assistants, postdocs and professors. Earmarking 5% of the SESAR and CLEANSKY budgets for a Basic Research Programme will keep the invaluable innovation and human capital source for one of Europe’s most strategic sectors vibrant. ”

PEGASUS has prepared a position paper on the future innovation in aerospace, of which the entire paper can be found here.