The Pegasus Network consists of the following bodies: the Council, the Board, the Chair and the Working Groups. The Council and the Board are permanent bodies, the Chair is elected on a rotating basis, and the Working Groups are non-permanent bodies.

The Council consists of one member of each partner university. The Council:

  • defines the policy and the action plans of the network,
  • decides admission of new members,
  • decides the content of the certificate and the award and the awarding procedure.

The Board consists of 5 members elected by the council (on rotating basis of 2-years). The Chair and the Deputy Chair of PEGASUS are also members of the Board. The past PEGASUS Chairs are permanently invited to the Board meetings. The Board:

  • executes the decisions of the council,
  • represents the network to outside partners (industry, European commission, other organisations),
  • monitors the PEGASUS network development and propose its new strategic lines,
  • checks the label awarding.

The Chair of the board is selected by the members of the Board on a rotating basis (2-year). Each member of the Board is responsible for one of the tasks assigned to the current Working Groups.

  • is the primary contact between the network and the outside partners,
  • conducts the daily business in consultation with the board members (promotion of the network, financial, personal affairs, etc.),
  • appoints a Deputy Chair
  • prepares the Board and Council meetings, and the minutes of the meeting.

The Chair of the PEGASUS Network is also ex officio the chair of the Board of the PEGASUS Foundation.

To perform its activities, the PEGASUS Network also establishes Working Groups, which are non-permanent bodies, being modified according to the actual needs. Click here to learn more about the different working groups. The following Working Groups (WG) have been so far established:

  • WG – Best Practices in Education (active since 2001)
  • WG – Women in Aerospace Engineering (active since 2011)
  • WG – Quality Assurance for European Aerospace Engineering Education (active since 2014)
  • WG – Academic Aerospace Research, including PhD (active since 2014)
  • WG – Proposals for the structure of PEGASUS (active 1999-2000)
  • WG – Legal status of PEGASUS (active 2006-2007)
  • WG – PEGASUS labelisation procedure (active in 2011)