Members of the Pegasus Network are classified into three different groups of partners:

Full Partner

Those who fulfill the conditions stipulated by the internal procedural regulations.

Probationary  Partner

Partners who joined the Pegasus Network according to the Internal Procedural Regulations and have not yet been upgraded to the Full Partner status. The status of the Probationary Partners is equivalent to that of the Full Partners with two limitations:

1. Probationary Partners are not allowed to deliver the PEGASUS Certificate and the PEGASUS AWARD to their students;
2. Probationary Partners have no voting rights.

After two years of admission and following an assessment of positive involvement in PEGASUS, Probationary Partners can be confirmed and assume the same status as the Full Partners. The Chair and another Full Partner appointed by the Council will assess the positive involvement in the PEGASUS Network of the Probationary Partner at the end of the two years. The Council will decide on the passage to the full Partner status on the basis of their report. In case of negative assessment, the Probationary Partner will retain its status for two further years. After a second negative assessment, the probationary partnership will be terminated.

Associate Partners

A Pegasus Associate Partner is typically an educational institution which is not located in Europe but satisfies all the quality requirements fulfilled to become Full Member. Associate partners will be invited to participate in Council sessions, however they will not have the right to vote.