Open positions

There are multiple exchange opportunities and open positions for international candidates within the PEGASUS network. Examples are: minor abroad, research internships and PhD positions. To find more about the possibilities per partner University, visit them via the member page.

Next to these possibilities there are also Open Positions within the network of PEGASUS Universities, these positions are posted here:

Open positions:

ESTACA is offering one PhD position on ” Improving Reliability and Performance of Electric Aircraft Propulsion Chain Using
Polyphase Machines and Hydrogen Fuel Cells” in co-tutoring with an academic or an industrial partner
. The PhD Project is scheduled for October 2021. ESTACA will  support the first part of the project for the first 18 months and the second partner will support the second part of the project for 18 months too. In addition, the PhD Student will spend time in the two institutions. The Dissertation will be in one of the two institutions according to the co-tutoring agreement.

Details of the position available here


PhD positions @ISAE-SUPAERO

Multi-disciplinary aerospace engineering

Computer Science, Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence

Systems engineering, control