Admission Criteria

Admission to PEGASUS is based on a set of criteria, focusing on two fundamental keywords: quality and international co-operation, all related to the higher education offered in aeronautical / aerospace engineering at European level. The criteria have been approved by the 35th Council meeting held in Sevilla on October 2015. The candidate should match the following criteria:

Criteria A: General

1. Be a public and/or non-profit institution of higher education in aeronautical / aerospace engineering.
2. Have its main base of operations in a EU country.
3. Demonstrate the willingness to sign the PEGASUS Charter and to actively commit to the PEGASUS network activities including working groups.

Criteria B: Excellence

4. Have a good reputation and quality recognition (e.g. national accreditation by an official body) in education and research, nationally and internationally.
5. Deliver one or several degrees in aeronautical / aerospace engineering in compliance with the European Bologna orientation (LMD, +5 level or M for Aerospace Engineering or higher).
6. The main curriculum in aeronautical / aerospace engineering should comprise a sufficient base in Fundamental Sciences (minimum 15%), General Courses including foreign languages, and Engineering Sciences (minimum 40%) of which at least 50% should be Aeronautical / Aerospace Engineering Sciences (that is: minimum 20% of the overall program, or 60 ECTS for a 5-year programme).
7. Have or plan to reach a sufficient volume of activity in terms of student output: 30 graduates per year at the +5 level or higher in Aeronautical / Aerospace should be considered as the minimum target volume.
8. Have a sufficient number of FTE teaching staff in the aerospace disciplines to ensure quality in education, in relation to the number of students and to the number of courses offered.
9. (supporting, non-mandatory criterion) Produce a record of first employment of the graduates in industry over the last 3 years, showing the relevance of the engineering programme for the aerospace industry.

Criteria C: International Cooperation

10. Produce a list of active partnership agreements with aeronautical / aerospace faculties or departments of foreign partner universities recognised at the international level, including at least 3 members of the PEGASUS network from at least 2 different countries.
11. Produce a record of student and faculty exchanges with foreign universities over the last 3 years.
12. (supporting, non-mandatory criterion) Produce a record of research activities involving international partnership.