RWTH Aachen

PEGASUS Contact: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eike Stumpf & Dipl.-Ing. Katharina Franz

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Research Fields

  • Num. & exp. fluid mechanics; num. aeroacoustics; turbulence; measurement techniques; sub-, trans-and supersonic flows
  • Flight control design; identification of flight mech.parameters; modelling and simulation of flight dynamics and systems; automation
  • Design and optimization of aero-structures; crash, impact, damage and delamination behavior of CFRP; aero- & aerothermoelasticity; space debris
  • AC design, technology integration and assessment; air transport systems, applied aerodynamics and acoustics
  • Turbofan engines and gas turbines; compressor (axial & radial); exp. & theoretical analysis; aerodynamic impact of production variance
  • Hypersonic aerothermodynamics; gas dynamics & kinetics; transsonic flows
  • Assessment of airport infrastructure; simulation of passenger flows in terminals


  • Super-, trans- & subsonic wind tunnels
  • Shock tubes
  • Water circulating tanks & towing tank
  • Acoustic laboratory; microphone arrays
  • Rotor and propeller test-bench
  • Aircraft simulator; UAV simulator
  • Mobile UAV ground control station
  • UAV platforms of different size
  • Material inspection laboratory
  • Load test, impact analysis laboratory
  • Vibration test platforms
  • LMS test lab.
  • Engine & gas turbine test facilities
  • Radial & axial compressors
  • Calibration facility
  • Computer Clusters


  • Full professors: 8
  • Associate professors: 2
  • Assistant professors: 0
  • Post-docs: 11
  • PhD candidates: 72
  • Lecturers: 28
  • Master students: 196


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