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The 2017 Conference

The 2017 edition of the Conference was held in Berlin (Germany) on 5-7 April, 2017. It was hosted by TU Berlin.

The winners of the competition have been:

1) First prize Pegasus/AIAA to  Thibault Marduel from ISAE-SUPAERO Toulouse, France;

2) Second prize Pegasus/AIAA to Patricia Domingo Alvarez from ISAE-ENSMA Poitiers, France;

3) Third prize Pegasus/AIAA to Olaf van Campenhout from TU Delft, the Netherlands.

The following papers have been presented:

Student(s) University Paper title Link to paper
Theo Folley Ecole de l'Air Numerical Evaluation of Influence of Piston Geometry on Ludwieg Tunnel Flowfield
Endrit Shehaj ENAC Toulouse GPS based navigation performance analysis within and beyond the space service volume for different transmitters' antenna patterns
Sonia Ramirez Ballestero ENAC Toulouse Bulk vs. Cargo Loading System Operations within  the A320 Family
Patricia Domingo Alvarez ENSMA Poitiers Large-Eddy Simulation of spray combustion in aeronautical burners
Thibault Marduel ISAE Toulouse Non-linear estimation methods for aircraft dynamic parameters during taxiing This paper will appear in the proceedings of the AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting 2018
Camille Gontier ISAE Toulouse Study of a new allocation-based algorithm for attitude control of Low-Earth Orbit Satellite
Florian Thuillet ISAE Toulouse Observational features of planetary migration in protoplanetary disks' dust
José Pedro de Sousa Ferreira IST Lisboa Conceptual Development of a Shape Memory Alloy Actuated Variable Camber Morphing Wing
Hamza Bouchouireb KTH Stockholm Identification and modelling of noise sources on a realistic nose landing gear using dual-LP beamforming applied to computational data
Maria Russo Politecnico di Milano Assessment of fracture mechanics of metallic materials for aerospace field Milano.pdf
Andrea Bernasconi and Luca Capoferri Politecnico di Milano Hybris – An Innovative Concept for Future General Aviation
Ruben Di Battista Politecnico di Milano Isothermal two-fluid based CFD of solid-liquid slush flows for propulsion systems
Paolo D'Incalci Politecnico di Torino Analysis of precision farming methodologies based on remotely piloted aircraft
Francesco Iannicelli and Domenico Fabio Luisi Politecnico di Torino Modelling, simulation and experimentation of a hydrogen-photovoltaic stand-alone power system for space applications.
Caroline Schlemmer TU Berlin Modeling and Simulation of Longitudinal Control Surfaces for a Flexible Generic Wide Body Aircraft
Olaf Van Campenhout TU Delft An experimental investigation into the flow of dimpled surfaces in turbulent boundary layers
Sandra Sánchez Ligero and Rafael Torres Parish Universidad de Sevilla Design and Development of the Automatic Control for BOOM of A330 MRTT
Urbano Amador Sánchez and Manuel Bravo Escudero Universidad de Sevilla Detection and alert of bird strikes using cameras
Victor Castro Moreno and Verónica Tamara Contreras Pérez Universidad de Sevilla Active Noise Cancellation System for UAVs
Antonio Sorrentino Università di Napoli Manufacturing and acoustical characterization of electrospun blankets in PolyVinylPyrrolidone
Erica De Rosa Università di Napoli Comparison of two different kinds of approach for the determination of the strain energy function
Alessandro Perazzo and Vincenzo Franzese Università di Napoli Dynamic behaviour of commercial aircraft fuselage sections
Roberta Cumbo Università di Roma Investigation of Limits and Connection Modelling for Experimental Applications in Frequency Based Substructuring Coupling
Marco Carpentiero Università di Roma Design and Development of a Stero-Vision based Navigation and Guidance System for a Space Rover
Mario Corso Università di Roma Modelling, Dynamic Analysis and Robotic Control Strategies for the Deorbiting Operations of the ESA Satellite Envisat
George Elderfield University of Glasgow An Experimental Study into roughness effects on Subsonic Flows
Eva Maria Andres Lopez UPM Madrid Multiscale Modeling of Creep Deformation in Wrought Inconel 718 Superalloy based on Deformation Micromechanisms and Computational Homogenization
Maria Rodríguez Montes UPM Madrid Autopilot design for a UAV based on cascade controllers with a C* inner loop including gain scheduling and a linear stability analysis
Rebeca Muñoz Bernal UPM Madrid Design of an active flight control system for
gust load alleviation
Angel Benedicto Elena and Ignacio Enrique Viciano Semper UPV Valencia Debris Catalog Augmentation Project
Federico Lluesma UPV Valencia DNS study of a thermal turbulent layer
Sandra Valero Paredes UPV Valencia Boundary layer control device using air impact
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