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The 2015 Conference

The 2015 edition of the Conference was held in Salon de Provence (France) on 20-22 April, 2015. It was hosted by Ecole de l'air.

The eleventh PEGASUS-AIAA student conference received 30 papers. The PEGASUS students were from 13 different institutions in 7 different countries. The student papers covered the following subject areas: 7 in Aerodynamics, Gas Dynamics and Heat Transfer, 2 in Aircraft Design, Subsystems and Integration, 2 in Propulsion and Combustion, 2 in Rotary Wing Aircraft, 1 in Safety, 9 in Space Engineering, 3 in Flight Dynamics, Stability and Control, 4 in Structures.

It is obvious that the variety of the fields of technologies reflects a broad range of activities in the various institutions. All papers received evaluations, based on the technical report and based on the oral presentation.

The winners of the competition have been:

1) First prize Pegasus/AIAA to Jan Schneiders from TU Delft, the Netherlands;

2) Second prize Pegasus/AIAA to Chloe Audas from ISAE-SUPAERO Toulouse, France;

3) Third prize Pegasus/AIAA to Diletta Falconieri from Università degli Studi di Napoli, Italy.

As usual for the PEGASUS events, participation has been very intense both for students and for the 68 reviewers involved.

A report from the Judging Committee Chair can be found here (pdf format).

The following papers have been presented:

student University Title Country Link to paper
Andrei Lalis Praha Safety Key Performance Indicators for Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic  Czech Republic
Martin Mondek Praha Online onboard wind estimation Czech Republic
Jan Sulc Praha Conceptual Study of a Historical Fighter Replica Czech Republic
Thomas Gil Salon de Provence Preliminary study of a roughness-induced boundary-layer transition experiment in a Mach 6 Ludwieg tube France
Chloe Audas Toulouse Beat-to-beat estimation of stroke volume to monitor the adaptation of the human cardiovascular system in space France
Christophe Coreixas Toulouse Round Cavity Noise Simulations using Lattice-Boltzmann Solver France
Aleksander Joskimovic Toulouse System-Modelling Approach for Counter-Rotating Open Rotor Aerodynamical and Aeroacoustic Performance Studies France
Davide Viganò Milano Monte Carlo Method for Uncertainties Quantification of SRM Internal Ballistic Model Italy
Marta Zocca Milano Wind tunnel effects on ice accretion over aircraft wings Italy
Alessandro  Ramazzotti Milano Concept study of an innovative aerial component for the Italian firefighting system Italy
Alessandro Panico Napoli Wake based ship velocity and beam estimation optimized algorithms in SAR data Italy
Vittorio Memmolo Napoli Modeling and testing of guided waves in composite laminates for Structural Health Monitoring applications Italy
Diletta Falconieri Napoli Experimental investigation on the ultimate static strength of CFRP joints with titanium insert repairs. Italy
A. Bechi + A. Papa Pisa Low-Thrust Spacecraft Simulator for Mission Analysis and Subsystems Design Italy
Cristina Riso Roma Free-Wake Modeling via Conformal Mappings for the Aeroelastic Analysis of a Typical Section Italy
Andrea Emanuele Maria Casini Torino Study and development of malfunction scenarios for EDR payload of ISS Columbus module for ESA training simulation Italy
Laura Novaro Mascarello  Torino Design and development of a multicopter for medical applications Italy
Pawel Jaworski Warsawa Design and Evaluation of the Attitude Determination and Control System for PW-Sat2 CubeSat Poland
Roberto Merino Martinez Madrid Design and Analysis of the Control and Stability of a Blended Wing Body Aircraft Spain
Juan Jose Matesanz Saiz Madrid Preliminary Study of Fuel Sloshing and its Aeroelstic Effects on a Wing Spain
Carlos Sanmiguel Vila Madrid Measurements of pressure fluctuations in a turbulent boundary layer Spain
Alberto Lobato Fernández Sevilla Design and optimization of gravity-assisted trajectories to outer planets. Spain
Francisco Montoro Sánchez Sevilla Image-acquisition algorithms for agile satellites in snapshot mode. Spain
Pedro Quintero Igeno Valencia Catastrophe Theory on Flight Mechanics. An approximation to "auto barrel roll" phenomenon  Spain
Ana Bermejo Solis Valencia Effect of cooling with organic fluids on shock waves in a Laval turbine Spain
German Torres Royo Valencia Aerodynamic study of split flap performance Spain
Alexander  Hemberg Stockholm Automated Booking and Scheduling for CubeSats Sweden
Linus Flodin Stockholm Attitude and Orbit Control during Deorbit of Tethered Space Debris Sweden
Ivan Miletovic Delft Using Iterated Extended Kalman Filtering for Estimation of a Hexapod Flight Simulator Motion State the Netherlands
Jan Schneiders Delft Beyond Nyquist by Pouring Space into Time the Netherlands This paper will appear in the proceedings of the AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting 2016
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